How it works ... and things you need to know

WANSA keeps its eyes peeled for great shows at the Wycombe Swan theatre throughout the year to sell here, plus other in-school event tickets where applicable.

We block book tickets for these selected shows and will promote via WANSA's facebook page and on this site - so make sure you keep checking!

We have a deadline given to us by the theatre of when we need to sell our allocation by - this date will always be visible on the show page but once that date is passed we can no longer sell at our discounted rate so you need to be quick!

If we sell all our allocation then we might occasionally be able to get more tickets but we can't guarantee it - or if we can then they might not be in the same area as the first allocation secured so we'd highly recommend not taking too long to think about it.. 

Our discounted tickets will be always be for great seats, if not the best seats in the house so even though you might look elsewhere yourselves and see a similar seat price you'll probably be sitting far from the stage and not in the great seats that we always try to reserve!

If you do not wish to purchase tickets via PayPal on this website, WANSA will have a couple of schoolyard tickets sales to allow purchase in cash. These ticket sale events will be promoted in advance via the WANSA facebook page and on a ParentMail from school.

We will email you once we have closed the sale of our tickets for each show and let you know that the tickets will be available for you to collect from the theatre on the day of the performance - please arrive with time to collect from their Box Office which is just inside the theatre's main doors. (Tickets can usually be collected in advance of the performance date from the theatre but only AFTER we have closed the sale, paid the theatre and they have received the names of the people collecting the tickets that we have sold.)

Once purchased, tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE - If for any reason you can't make the performance we will try to help you sell on but unfortunately we can't offer any refunds under any circumstances.  But please contact us so we can do what we can to help out  -

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